Paris, City of Light... It does not take more than that to the photographer, the light!

But Paris is also the life! People who go about their business, often at breakneck pace of the city, often at a rate of flow of the Seine. And the urban fever continues its way, making every moment a past moment . A past collective memory that even ended up forgetting the present.

Of This flood of sign is born the urge to watch the other, to keep track of this urban life around us, becoming a passenger-observer decomposing human gesture, highlighting what was previously obscure, capturing this moment of light in a brain image to put on paper.

So was born the Collectif Regards Parisiens, a passion for photography, a passion for life, a passion of humanity, and the desire to share, like other illustrious names of humanist photography in Paris, these innocuous slices of life that make a collective memory.

  Honorary members:                        




Adeline FUCHS



Jessica Guerreiro

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