Website: https://www.facebook.com/JeromeTurblinPhotographies/


Portfolio: Jérôme TURBLIN

Digital Camera: Canon 400D, 5D mark II
Analog Camera: Mamiya 6
Lenses: Canon 11-24 mm F4


Since I was little, I dream of doing photography.

I wanted to become a reporter and have my own photo lab, not having a camera at that time, I put this fad in a corner of my head and followed another path equally exciting. I became a luthier then a sound engineer./p>

I had to wait for my 30 to offer to myself my first camera, a small Canon 400D DLSR with which I made my first pictures. A year later I bought myself a full-frame Canon 5D MARKII and a wide-angle lens with which I do architectural photography.

Like a monomaniac that can not cure itself, I still hang on to this photographic style, but time, experience, meetings and works will surely taught me to apprehend photography in a bigger sens.

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