Patrick PLAZZI



Portfolio : Patrick PLAZZI

Camera: Canon 5DMII
Lenses: Canon EF 24/70 F2.8 , EF 70/200 f4, Sigma 150 macro f 2.8 


Photography is my job. In fact I'm behind the photographers. I work the photos that others make. From enlarger (early years) to photoshop (today), I try to bring out the best images.

I studied at the shool of the Gobelins (promo 77).
I followed the evolution of photography, I moved from film to digital as others did. I continue to work for great photographers, great agencies and brands. Life leds me to another kind of activities which are now mainly focused those last years to cooking and food photography But before that I have touched many fields, including fashion and beauty.

Working on images is my passion. The digital has allowed me to go behind the curtain, making my own images.
Hearing about a group of photographers and I shared with them my passion and it amplified things Specialized in image processing I try to take pictures who looks like me. I have no privileged areas and this is the intuition that guides me.

As a Parisian I love this town, it quickly became one of my favorite topics. I watch it and when I see, I shoot ...


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